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Equilizers &sound

Just installed the dp4 and noticed that the bass and surround settings are disabled while playing music thru earphones. Speaker sound output is a bit lower than dp3. I don't understand a junk like Xiaomi can add there own sound enhancement to android one setup so what's the problem with Nokia to add something Please look into this ,a request for this wonderful phone

Every exclusive music player available in play store has exclusive equalizer built in so why Android needs to make a separate music profile. Making it like junk Xiaomi will end up using lot of resources with two or more background services.
Well people can opt for different music players no doubt but why do you want to disable the bass and surround settings which are inbuilt,I would definitely like to see Dolby or some enhancement of sound,the inbuilt the better it is,for me at least,third party music player also creates services of its own
If u wanna use Google music player exclusively then music equalizer is also there with bass booster & surround sound. And i think a lot of 3rd party music player runs it's service on demand while integrating music profile to OS will create all time running service.
I have mentioned in the first post it is disabled ,in Google music player or any other player,you can adjust the equilizers but you cannot change the bass boost settings and surround ,in DP4
Yeah ... noticed that ...its developer preview so must be a bug ... should get fixed in final release.
It's working for me on v3.150
Good for you,but it's not working for most @1525xxxxx9658
Ok I don't know how but the settings are enabled now so it's working with the same earphones I tested with which were not working earlier ,no settings changed from my side
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