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Nokia 3 problems: android 8.0.0 update july 5, 2018

MY NOKIA 3 PROBLEMS: ANDROID 8.0.0 OREO ANDROID SECURITY PATCH LEVEL: JULY 5, 2018 -CAMERA- Camera still on error when the phone is locked or when the screen is off. When you attempt to use the double tap of the lock key from the side to the phone to access camera shortcut or when you use a camera shortcut while the phone is locked or the screen is turned off, the camera app will crash and report that the camera has stopped -PICTURE IN PICTURE- When using youtube app, I cannot access my phone to use picture in picture feature. Instead it just went to the desktop without it. -OVERVIEW BUTTON- Sometimes the Overview button is not working. To check if my overview button is still functional, I enabled the vibrator when pressing any buttons. And it still operational but does not works all the time. -FACIAL RECOGNITION- Facial recognition are always stopping to work and does not work all the time. It was able to recognize my face but the app itself is always crashing and reporting that the facial recognition has stopped working.
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