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Nokia 8 part of Android program?

Hello all

I've searched the forum and the internet but I'm not completely sure about this.

Is Nokia 8 part of the android One program? Because the 8 lacks of project Treble but I've read some articles stating nokia 8 will be part of the program (e.g.

So just to be sure, is the 8 part of the program?


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Hello. I can not confirm if Nokia 8 is in Android One program. Nokia 8 is definitely in the program: Android Enterprise Recommended.

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No, it's not.

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Nokia 8 will get android p update


Its not android one. All Nokia phones that shipped with oreo out of box are in android one like Nokia 6.1, Nokia x6, x5, 7plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco. However, Nokia has confirmed that it will get android pie, but not another major update after that.
HMD confirmed that ALL phones in their line up will be Android One devices from the Nokia 3 up.
I've a Nokia 8 and its not android one. Its stock android and will get security updates for two years as well as android p. And 8 Sirocco is android one. You can simply do a google search for Nokia android one phones and you'll find that the list is of all 2018 devices like 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7+, x6 and 8 Sirocco.
@terminusaquo that's what i've heard but it's never confirmed on their website...

@Pikachu HMD/Nokia committed to Android One across their ENTIRE LINEUP of devices which includes the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 as well. Just because they aren't listed doesn't make it any less true.

@Pikachu. Sorry, but what you say isn't correct so. The Nokia 8 IS a Android smartphone. But it doesn't based on "Android One". And it hasn't "Project Treble", that's why it started with "Android Nougat". Nokia tells, that he Nokia 8 will arrived "Android Pie", too. When.????? Also don't ask me why Nokia didn't mention it, ask Nokia why. Go to the specification of Nokia 8, you'll not find android one written anywhere. Now android one devices are big deal, so if a device does support one, its mentioned. Another way is to download treble support app or dev check app from play store and it'll show you that it supports seamless updates but no treble. No treble=no android one. Also I've both Nokia 6.1 (a clearly mentioned android one phone) and Nokia 8 ( not mentioned anything but is a great phone and is going to update to android pie), when i boot Nokia 6.1 i get POWERED BY ANDROID ONE, but when i boot Nokia 8 i only get POWERED BY ANDROID. Also at the back of my Nokia 6.1 android one is mentioned.

@Pikachu That doesn't mean that they haven't committed to Android One across their entire lineup, just because it doesn't mention it anywhere on the device it doesn't mean it isn't covered by Android One. Remember that the Nokia 8 was released when Android One didn't exist so no Nokia 8 will have the physical branding on the back or in the bootloader, the bootloader can be changed in an update if HMD choose to do that.

Those links are just from a quick Google search, if you can find articles that refute the above then I might be inclined to believe you!!!! There's no mention of Nokia 8. Also all those links you sent me are from articles, not from official Google android one page. If Nokia 8 is officially android one then i would request the Nokia people to please update the specifications page and everywhere else where Nokia 8 is being sold and please mention that its an Android one device. Also your argument that it couldn't be printed is very absurd. Again if its an Android one device then the specifications will show project treble since all android one devices do support project treble. A simple math is that No treble=no android one. I am also a Nokia fanboy and i simply love my Nokia 8. Android one or no android one, its simply a great device as it gets faster updates regularly, but i am not sooo obsessed to make it sound android one if it isn't, because (1) the official google android one page which has listed all Nokia android one devices doesn't mention it (2) Nokia itself never mentioned that it is android one device in their official website where its sold (its definitely under the android updates program) (3) Both treble check and devcheck apps which show details about the device show that it as of now doesn't support project treble. And any android one device out of box will support treble. If in case in future Nokia is going to bring it under Android one or provide treble support then good, otherwise i am okay as i love it android one or not. But I don't believe its android one out of box as it doesn't support treble. If you've an valid, official article clearly mentioning Nokia 8 under Android one program then show me, I would like to know myself. But whatever, i love Nokia and Nokia 8, my love doesn't depend on android one as Nokia is far better then any other android phone when it comes to clean, pure Android.
@Pikachu Yet you've just quoted an article as well so practice what you preach. It's not up to HMD to update Google's Android One device pages. Project Treble is not an Android One requirement, they are two different things as non Android One devices can use Project Treble as well it's all due to partitioning. I've presented you with evidence that the Nokia 8 is an Android One device, told you why it has no branding and you still don't get it so I'm done with you!!!!!!!
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