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Nokia 8 part of Android program?

Hello all

I've searched the forum and the internet but I'm not completely sure about this.

Is Nokia 8 part of the android One program? Because the 8 lacks of project Treble but I've read some articles stating nokia 8 will be part of the program (e.g.

So just to be sure, is the 8 part of the program?


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Community Hero In the footnotes at the bottom it confirms which Nokia phones are in Android One, and the 8 is not. It is however, as said, Android Enterprise Recommended so will get 90 day security updates and it's already confirmed it will get Android 9.

It doesn't have the certification but the Nokia 8 was said to be getting 2 years of OS updates and 3 years of security updates and the phone has always carried the "pure & secure" mantra. Lets be honest all it is missing is a sticker on the back of it.

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I remember this, but I've been trying to find where it was written (or said) and haven't had any success.

I think the trouble is it is that long ago now :-(

Fair play to HMD though, they have been good to their word so far.

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The only reference I can find to the updates duration is the interview Juho Sarvikas gave to NDTV at MWC earlier this year:

So only two years from launch, not three like Android One.

I've also listened to the launch livestream from London and there's no mention of the number of years the 8 will get updates for:

The first link is from February 2017, long before the Nokia 8 was even launched so i don't think we can read anything in to that.

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Doh! I got mixed up. I just watched the India launch event - much better than the London one. No mention of the years of updates in that one either.

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