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High battery usage or bad battery?

I purchased a second hand Nokia 6.1 4/64 a few days ago. It has Oreo 8.1 with July 1 patch.

When I received the phone I noticed the battery was completely discharged. This made me concerned about the state of the battery. I plugged it in to the charger and it accepted charge.

After a factory reset, no apps installed, NFC/Wifi/Bluetooth/etc turned off the phone uses approx 3% battery every hour doing nothing (screen off).

Does this sound normal? Or do you think the battery may have been damaged due to being left in a state of full discharge?

I think it will get better once you start using the phone. 3% each hour doesn't seem to bad . But overall battery life on my N6.1 has been really good . And the end of a work day the other Samsungs and Huaweis are all looking for chargers while I'm still going strong with over 50% battery left ,with moderate usage . 2 hours of Deezer in the train on my way to work . 30 minutes of emails. Constant WhatsApp throughout the day . Taking photos for work throughout the day. Using Bluetooth often during the day to get the weight of containers that's being weighed. The scale is linked to my phone . Android Central during breaks. Some light gaming. Then more Deezer and Android Central on my way home . Get home with 30-40% left . So all in all it gets pretty good battery life . Co-workers are really impressed by my phone's battery life . Always amazed by how well it idles . Give it some time to settle in . When I got it , battery life wasn't that great , but it has improved greatly .

I returned the phone. I then went and purchased the same phone brand new. It does look like there was something wrong with the battery on the first phone because the new one is very stable on standby.

That's good to hear . Glad the new one is stable on standby
Yes from past 1month battery consumption is very high in Nokia 6.1.hope it will controlled by upcoming update
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