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WAIT A SEC: no call on hold??

are you kidding me??

the 8110 4g can't handle a second call on hold?

i tried to configure the system to be able to have a second incoming call signal when i'm already in a conversation, and it doesn't work.

with the sim on other phones (including an old Nokia 7020) it works properly, when i put the sim on the 8110 4g i just have a "busy" signal on the caller and an sms "i've called you" on the 8110.

it's 2018 FFS!

that's frankly unacceptable also for a 80 bucks plastic phone!

Jesus Nokia...

I confirm - no call on hold and busy signal... hard to believe... I want to use Nokia... but feel simply chaeted by new Nokia team. I can not understand why they are doing it wrong.

 You should make your suggestion to KaiOS Technologies

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