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Android pie update

Does anyone recieved the pie update for your Nokia 7 plus If recieved . When you got update time and date reply me But I didn't receive that pie update

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Stable version  is not available yet. In reality, Nokia has just pushed the Developer Preview Beta 4 for Android Pie. Probably Android Pie update will come by the end of this month for Nokia 7 plus.

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So anyone using beta 4 now? Can you share if it is stable enough to be used or still got some bugs?
Yeah it's very stable. Been using it whole day now and no problems with anything.
Thanks! Gonna give it a go then been waiting for a bit stable build of pie.

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I just hope with the next update likely being the stable release, we won't have to wipe our data again.

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Oreo is much better than pie in terms of design, fluidity & visual refreshment. The dot navigation is just a mess. The notification styles icons much better on oreo. The new animation motion, multitasking & side volume slider is just cool things. Otherwise Oreo is full complete & stylish OS.

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Here more as a Day with beta ..everything works super good . Have no problems with design or something else . Here works it good ;)
Been using beta 4 so far so good no bugs found. Fingerprint scanner went faster in unlocking. For those who care the vibration when unlocking is lessened so much. Performance cant say if it changed that much since its fast since it was on oreo
anyone here who rolled back to Oreo after DP4 ???? Can u plzzz share which version of roll back image available now this time ?(OTA method) and with which Security patch ?

@Ashubhatt The downgrade version available via OTA is V2.22G, which is just a renamed version of V2.22A SP02 with 1 July SP. Manual downgrade version is still V2.13B with April SP.

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@Mohan Reddy have u downgraded ur phone to Oreo ? What are the bugs in DP4 ?

@Ashubhatt I didn't spend enough time with DP4, I just upgraded to see the cosmetic changes, to find any bugs. You can view the bugs list in DP discussions.

Guys, i'm in Beta pd 3 .. how to get to 4 ;s

i'm confused, does it come via ota or what?

@user1532924850436 check for software updates, you should receive the DP4 update automatically, if not request OTA here.