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Earphones fault

Hello, having a rather frustrating time! Bought my Nokia 8 in April this year, love the phone and liked the earphones that came with it. Felt very solid compared to my last pair They've recently developed a fault where they only play sound out of one side. Now the frustrating part, they're covered under Nokia's warranty but are unable to do anything, can't repair them and can't contact Nokia apparently. They've offered me 10% credit back. Nice offer but still no working earphones. Spoke with Nokia direct and they can't help either, said to speak with the seller  So, my question, anyone know how I can get these replaced under warranty or can tell me the earphones product code so I can try and replace them?

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I have more or less the same problem... Did you manage to resolve the issue?
It took a lot of emails and support chats but eventually found out my headphones were still within their 6 month warranty period. I was given this link to make a claim Hope that helps!

Hey thanks for the tip! Yes HMD/Nokia wesbsite deosn't make this easy....!

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