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Security patch level is still June 1

Wonder why my phone hasn't been updated since then. Hasn't there been one?

Android version 8.1.1

Model TA-1045

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Same with me. I have the model TA-1016, sold in Canada by Amazon. Android 8.1.0 with security patch dated June 1 2018. Build number 00WW_2_13B_SP02. Very strange that I haven't received any updates since then. The prospect of receiving timely system updates was the reason I bought this phone.

Yes, you and me both.

Likewise, similar thread to this one from the other day:

Right. No resolution there but at least there are others that have the same issue. Thanks
I thought we were supposed to get monthly security updates, but it looks like an empty promise. And manufacturers wonder why people root their phones.

As much as I understand that "stuff happens" in IT, the complete lack of response from Nokia/HMD in this case is extremely discomforting.  They've left all of us totally in the dark ever since this phone launched -- very disappointing.

Android One phone too. You'd think Google would be putting pressure on them. Maybe they are.

What does rooting the phone get you?

This phone is due for at least 32 months worth of timely security updates and two more major updates falling within the two years, so Android 9 and 10. Ideally 11 as well if universal as intended as it would make security updates easier. Considering the number of new phones out during this period, which would be the remaining models for 2018, 2019, and 2020, including all variants, I highly doubt it if this model is causing them hassles as it appears to be doing. They may replace all of these models under warranty with something new, but that wouldn't help all of us with grey import phones unless it's a direct replacement with any authorised local retailer.

The lack of response is a big concern for me as well.  A major factor for my buying this phone was the Android One monthly updates.  A simple response from Nokia such as "we realise there is a bug stopping updates, and are working on it" would go along way toward reassuring me that this phone is worth keeping.  I had a bad experience with an older Android phone, and this one seems to be heading down the same path.  As much as I hate them I am seriously looking at Apple phones as at least they get updates.

The lack of response from Nokia is a concern for me.  A major factor for buying this phone was the promise of Android One giving monthly updates and a reasonable life of updates.  All Nokia would need to do is respond with something like "we are aware there is a bug affecting updates and we are working on it".  I had a bad experience with an Android phone in the past and this one seems to be headed in the same direction.   As much as I hate Apple, I am seriously looking at iPhones as at least they get updates

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