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August security update

Anyone get nokia 6 August security update in india... If any get it plzzz give feedback about it's performance and stability....

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Beats me. I live in Ireland and my last update was in March
Not sure about it, but perhaps check with customer care
Yes, I do have a question. Have you received it? I am still awaiting for the patch
Iam also waiting for August update
I contacted Nokia support and they informed me that the region in which the phone was purchased determines when the update is received. I bought my phone from China which is apparently why I am 5 months behind in updates. Does anyone elses last update date back this far?

That's not exactly true regarding the region of purchase. I've bought a model intended for US market, but I use it with European carrier SIM and I get updates. But I had troubles with getting updates with NZ carrier SIM. I think that happened just because NZ carriers approve updates only for models being sold in NZ, so other models just gated off.

Things are even more complicated with models intended for Mainland China. HMD uses different update servers which are maintained by FIH Mobile, because Google is blocked in Mainland China. And I reckon even less carriers approve updates for Chinese models. Though I know that people in Russia get OTA updates on TA-1000 (China), TA-1003(HongKong/Taiwan) models

I got august security update today in india TA-1021

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August update arrived today O2 UK and TA-1033
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