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Line breaks do not display once posted.

Can't think of this is new but posted several times in developer preview forum and each comment has had new lines/line breaks removed so the posts are just continuous blocks of text. To show what I mean, i started a new line for this sentence. There should be a line space between this sentence and the previous one. And 2 lines between this sentence and and the previous one. If the line breaks show on this one I'm going to look stupid and feel confused...

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Also can't seem to edit posts

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I've noticed this problem too. It's been around for a long time and I haven't found a fix. I think that it's a problem with how the software interprets the CR and LF special characters, which are used differently on Windows and Unix-like systems. But we've never had any feedback or a fix for it (as far as I've noticed).

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As far as I could experience, the issue happens from mobile only, on my PC (Win 10 1803, Edge) forum works fine except that it needs a long moderation time to show forum entries if you try to attach links or pictures.

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The long moderation time is only due to the fact that there is only one moderator and it's totally understandable that they want to have weekends and holidays!

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