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Could Customer Service possibly be any worse?

 Just wasted a full hour of my life dealing with the useless Customer Service people.  Contacted them about updates and after a bunch of excuses ended the first conversation with them.  Responded NO to the "Did we solve your issue", and explained that I was given a very unhelpful response.  Then shortly afterwards I was contacted by Customer Support with a "we noticed we did not address your issue".  This person just gave me misdirection, insisting on talking about Adroid P in spite of my telling them twice my issue was not about Android P.  Ended that conversation and again clicked the NO. 

Nokia I hope you are reading these forums.  I am so very disappointed with this phone and with the less than token effort at customer support.  I am having one issue after another with this phone.  It is by far the worst of many phones I have owned, and I wish  I could get my money back.  The fact that this phone yet again did not ring or even log a missed call when my wife trying to call me, while I was in a good signal area has just served to upset me even more.  Fix it Nokia, this is really unacceptable. 

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Had the similar experience. I had a minor issue which was solved after simply clearing the cache and rebooting my device, but the CC person suggested a factory reset. I think factory reset should be suggested as a last measure and never for minor things. But the CC person wasn't either interested in understanding my issue or was maybe technically not compitent. Nokia needs to keep better representatives as customer care is a big deal when it comes to attracting customers to your business. They're neither very helpful nor even technically compitent. Nokia needs to pay attention to this.

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Same experience. They don't care about our problems and they hold a stereotyped speech that isn't helping us ... HMD need to step up its game and to communicate.

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I've been in contact with Nokia via chat and email since late May.  If it wasn't for the annoying fact that my phone shuts down and doesn't work for awhile, I would find the correspondences comedy gold.  It's Franz Kafka material.  Every email now from Nokia basically contradicts what they've written just a few days before.  And I've gotten a full range of "solutions" that have not actually made my phone work properly.  Thousands of words now and nothing to show for it.

It's incredible.  

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The support is like talking to a robot, the conversation goes no where but they keep on repeating the same crap.

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