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Netflix App is not working.

When I updated the Nokia 7 plus to Android Phone beta developer version, my Netflix app stopped working. Whenever I try to open the app, a message appears telling device error 501._1006. Help me resolve this issue.. I really like pie version but it failed to run Netflix. Don't wanna downgrade to Oreo.

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I have the same issue and I think this is because the developer preview builds are not certified by google. (They have to run/pass some kind of test suite to get it certified) and I think that'll only be done in the final build.

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I also face same issue. Netflix not working after installing android pie.

Download the app here and install . It's not supporting download so this the only problem with this version.
PS disable automatic updates in play store in order to use it until official android P is released

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Thx Marian worked like a charm.
Facing the same issue with amazon music app..
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