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3/32GB version in Europe

Hey, will this version with 3/32GB of Nokia 5.1 come to the Europe, specifically Czech republic? We only have 2/16GB so far. Thanks.

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The 3/32GB version is available in northern Europe.

Hi Notiz, are you sure? I am from the Netherlands and am also interested in the 3/32GB version. Can't find it anywhere other than on Indian websites.

I bought mine at Elgiganten in Sweden.

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Hi Notiz, many thanks! I retrieved the EAN code (6438409019387) from the website you posted, A Google search shows that Swedish, Finish, Italian and French webshops sell this model. But no Dutch, Belgian or German.

Will this version work properly in the Netherlands or does there need to be a specific model which has not been released (yet)? Thanks in advance.

I hope Nokia 5.1 3gb ram phone come to Europe UK
Hi empewoow, yes it should work properly in the Netherlands, I see no reason for it not to work.

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