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Battery percentage

Is there any way to show the battery percentage in the status bar? Thanks!

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Settings - Battery - Battery percentage
No option to switch on battery percentage

Nokia 6.1 plus shows battery percentage only while dragging the notification from top to down 

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Yes, its not even in the system UI tuner.

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Settings - Battery - Battery percentage I see this option and it shows percentage except during charging. Unfortunately can't post screenshot
I'm facing the same issue. I hope this bug gets resolved soon.
I also facing same problem nokia has to update to show battery percentage in bar.
I too have same problem..I think it doesnt hv facility to show % battery..hope will get update soon
I too have same issue, hope Nokia will resolve the issue soon...
Im not getting any option or menu to get the battery in percentage numerical at status bar. Kindly advice or update. Thankyou
Same problem for me.

Hopefully, this will help you fix the issue...

The same issue in 6.1 plus... sad

Hello Nokia Support team,

When will you add the battery percentage to the status bar? So you are saying that I need to pull down the status bar to check my battery? WEIRD !!

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