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Nokia 8 camera bug/future's

I loved this phone! Very love!! Really! But why... Why??? Why camera app crashes in half time while switching between selfy and main camera? Why there is no way to use pro mode in video and white/black camera? Why there is no raw mode in this app? Why I can't turn of video stabilizer in options? Why auto exposition isn't work? Rolling it, don't change nothing... Why I can't block exposition in automode? Why when I focus in auto mode and press bottom *make photo* at first camera refocus in half time with mistake, then make photo? I want photo in place what I chose! Why app loading so long? Also when it in RAM? You are great company, you make interesting, lovely, powerful, balance phones!!! All be good for! I believe in you!!! I will be glad if you read this manifest... I want just powerful stable app:) please, if it can be, feedback.. Thanks for your attention! P.S. I think it's all future's. Sorry for a grammar mistakes if you find it:(

I would recommend using the Google camera app while Nokia fixes there own maybe it might come with Android 9
There is no pro mode and black/white module in my version of Google camera.. Which version do you use?
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