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Applications opening error issue.

Hi i recently bought Nokia 1... It was my biggest mistake because this phone has most of major issues the biggest issue is here now most of apps are getting opening error... during updates most of apps got error code 903. Working slowly keypad taking too much time to load... Games are running slowly during play subway surfers candy crush relic run etc.

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Here, after two uptades, in last 8.1 update, all the apps from play store download and open propely. Maybe restoring your phone works well, you've tryed it?

Unfortanately, still free memory and all, they don't stay in background apps, like others phones. Even the - good - media service does not work perfectly. Big issues.

This phone is alredy up-to-date with 8.1.0 and i already restored but did not work issues are not resolves.

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