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I want to slow charge. No, seriously: alternative chargers advice

Hi all

I don't understand all this hype around fast charging; what experience tells to me is that batteries get shocked and burned over time by fast charging.

This puzzles me because, as long as batteries can no more be removed (because it's cool ?), one must take even more care in order for the battery to survive long enough to allow our device to perform as expected.

Now by a great synthesis, to fast charge (and making it frequent)  is like to force-feed somebody without giving time to assimilate what's eaten before and in the medium-long run it wrecks the battery. I don't want that, I put care with my devices and I want them to work good enough over time.

So, has anybody tried any alternative charger with amperage no more than 1.5A which is reliable enough or should I live with USB charging?

Thanks for you replies

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i understand you, it's better for battery to slow charge, because of heat.. it would be great to have option for turn off fast charge like samsung phones

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i mean it's nice to have fast charge when needed, so turn it on and charge, but when is not needed like charging over night it's better to be off

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Yes, that's my concern; on the other hand the manual says that charging can happen through USB but at a slower pace which interests me more, what I need to know by somebody who's had more experience than I had is : 

- would plugging the phone to my USB2 output of my computer give a healthy long charge?

- what about using the old AC-50 charger of my beloved Lumia 820 ?

Thanks again for replies

Small update

I tested with one of my Lumias' AC-50 charger + Rampow USB-A-to-C cable  and I got quite satysfing results. Charging takes like 30% more time but the device get so much less warmer. Charger is in quite good conditions and cable is new. I recommend to use chargers which are not too worn out from years of activity plus a brand new cable to get good results. I think I will use the official charger when in a rush and in need of real fastcharge, something that could happen seldom times in a while.

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