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Blank screen sometimes while charger connected

Few times, probably 1/20 times I have observed complete blue screen, which just shows nothing. For that, I have to lock/unlock phone to make it work normally again. There is no file attachments option available, else I could have attached alongwith this. Kindly look into the issue and resolve it soon. Waiting for fix.

Is it just the blue screen or have you been facing any boot issues? And how it occurs, as soon as you plug in the device or just randomly the sreen wakes up blue and how often it occurs like every day while charging or every other day or after some days. And lastly how long you've been facing this issue?
Sorry one more thing just check if the screen saver is on. But that is also not completely blue but rainbow colurs.
First, I am not using any Screen Saver on phone. It is just a blue kind of screen, no bootup issue. That blue screen, is working, means you can tap the icons etc, but you can't see anything except that blank blue screen. It occurs, when I just connects the charger to my device, while the phone is locked. And this is not a frequent issue, it occurs once in 3-4 days usually. For the last question, I have bought this mobile since a month ago. So, within 1 month of time, I have observed it 6-7 times. FIX:- When it shows blue screen, if I press power button twice, means screen wake off/on, then it resumes the normal functioning, means blue screen goes away then.
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