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Sound cut observed frequently while headphone connected

So many times, I have observed issue on Nokia 6.1, which is really frustrating, where the sound just gets cut while using headphone. When music player is running, sound just stops, while the song still keeps going on. Moreover, if call is ongoing, call just gets disconnected. This issue has really annoyed me a lot and I thought to move to different phone. But, as I recently bought this 1 month back, I am still using but, I really don't expect such issue from Nokia team. FIX:- I tried several options on this phone to resolve the issue, and finally got one step to work fine, since few days. There is an option in gesture settings, 'Wake on lift phone'. If I turn that feature off, it stops reproducing this issue. So, as per my understanding after much testing and debugging, there is something wrong going with this gesture option. Maybe some code issue etc after long usage of that feature. Kindly look into this issue on PRIORITY, as this really results in frustration to me. Waiting for the proper fix soon from your team.

Did you try using some other earphones, and see if the problem is coming from the earphones? And which build you're in and what is the model number of your phone? Like I have a TA-1089 model and build no. is 00WW_2_22E_SP01
Yes, I have tried using 2 different earphones as well, the issue is still reproducible. And below are the requested details:- Build No.:- 00WW_2_22E_SP01 Model:- TA-1089
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