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64 GB SD Card File System not recognised


I was using Moto X Play and on Android 7.1.1 I had formatted a 64 GB SD Card. Now I have purchased Nokia 7 Plus 2 days back. But the same SD Card is detected but it asks me to format saying Unsupported SD Card. What's going on.

The same SD Card works on my wife's Lenovo K4 Note with Android 6.0. What's the issue with Nokia 7 Plus (Android Oreo 8.1).

Anybody any idea to make it work ? or I have to format it after backing up the data from that card ?


When i insert my memory card from my j7 pro 2017 to nokia 7 plus i have the same issue so i transfer all my data to pc then insert the memory into the nokia 7 plus and format it
It's possible the moto encrypted the SD card. Eg if you set it as internal/adopted storage rather than portable storage.
No way. It was portable storage otgerwise it would not have worked on my wifes K4 Note.. So no encryption.
Sorry I missed that about it working in the K4. My 128gb card was formatted FAT32 on a PC for a dump of music. The Nokia picked it up ok. Interested to see if you work out what the Nokia is fussy about.
The card was formatted on Android 7.1.1. So by default I feel the file system is exFat.. But why Nokia should have issue with it is beyond me. From what you have written Nokia understands till Fat32 (vfat) but unaware of what exfat is..

Unfortuanatly the link shared by you is not accessible. It gives 403 Forbidden message. Now there are SD cards of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256GB ... upto TB's and Nokia expects those people to copy their data and format again ???

If it is about Royalties then they should do something about it and give support. I hope somebody from nokia is going through this forum and should reply to this to make everyone aware of the realities...

I searched for it and got this in google :


Oh went through the XDA thread and this is because of Android One. Google not interested in paying royalty to Microsoft for exFAT hence support only till FAT32 which is ancient...

Then google should do something about it. Develop their own file system equivalent or better to exFAT. Make it popular so that even microsoft will be also forced to use it :-)

We as a end user are on the receiving side.

Otherwise to get over this filesytem royalty stuff. Give option to user to select which file system to format (FAT32, ext3, ext4 etc.). Include linux filesystem support to non-root users in android and let everybody enjoy the freedom of open source.

I backed up my data (60 GB) and formatted the SD card from Nokia 7 Plus. Now have to copy the entire stuff back on the SD card. Painful... No other option :(

Sorry to tell and backing up all the content on the card, then formatting it to a compatible file system is a relatively great way to solve your issue. Usually you can format it via windows built-in tools, but sometimes they failed, in such case, you can turn to a professional hard drive formatter to force format the sd card. 

The best way to format AD Card is to put it in your phone and let android format it. I had to do the same. Backup the data from SD Card and format it in Nokia 7 Plus. Recopy the data.

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