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Just received the August security patch

While listening to music , went back to my home screen and saw the software update notification, checked to see what it was . Kinda hoped it would have been Android 9 lol, but it was just the August patch. I'm in South Africa if that helps. TA - 1050 ,00WW_2_22E_SP01 .On a side note , my Nokia 5 received it last night .So pretty happy with my phone's to say the least

Are you sure it's the actual August patch? 00WW_2_22E_SP01 is July, the SP01 being the first security patch of the 0022_2_22E base. If the base were the same, it should be SP02 for August. If you go to rub a manual update, does it say August for the security patch level? The Nokia 5 would be updated to August though, the older non - Androud One devices get security updates a couple of weeks earlier (unless you don't get it like a lot of people) than the 6.1. I dare say you only just got the July update for your 61 despite the fact we should have had the August update for a week already.
Lol that update he says he has I got it june ,,,,and we know the 6.1 even Indians haven't gotten the update on their Fon yet they usually are the first that cud means hmd might actually be planning on a software update such as 9.0 or maintenance release of an Oreo 8.1 upscaled ROM builds with bug fixes or they just are going to get us the security update 24th to 26th August as usual !!!
Sorry guys , checked now . It's the July patch
Any reason why we get it on the 24th-27th?
Thought so with the build ID . We won't likely get 9 unless they don't need to beta test it (in that the testing on the 7 Plus is applicable), at best maybe a beta test in a month or two. As for August, I suspect there will be a firmware update and a build update to r43 (hopefully not to an older one) in addition to the security patch. Not sure what 8.1 build we're currently on.
@shayden I don't know why it comes late that way it's been that way since may ,,which started by 22nd ,,then June 26th or something and July on 24th so I just assume it will be that way till late ,,but also remember Indians usually get it 2nd week and if they haven't gotten August updates by now it's mid August then maybe an update MR is coming or hmd cud just drop 9.0 on us like they decided to surprise guys in China with the beta test of 9.0 for 8 sirocco ,6 2018 and 7 2017 ,,,

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I just now received August security patch for TA-1089 (India) No Android Pie tho .
I received the August patch now , it's early . Busy downloading
I think it's a good sign that it's so early right guys? Maybe we getting another update round the 24th-27th? Looks like we could be getting closer to the Android 9 Beta?

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I also received it 5:30 Am in the morning today ,seem alike hmd has decided to listen to it's global audience since most sold unit is the TA 1043 ,,but again they shud still avail the updates to everyone at relatively faster rate am in Diani Kenyan coast and have received it already !!have a TA 1043 ,,this time it didn't come few days to end month
Anyone with TA 1050 or TA 1068?have you received it ,,if all have received it ,,it means android Pie is about to drop September or October at most !!if those two months go without pie release I'm hoping for April next year lol
I'm only exited about android pie Koz of the dynamic MAC address ,,it means those who are admins can't lock out specific device Mac address from their WiFi control ports,etc everyone I log in thez a new Mac address generated which also mean hackers will have to sweat harder to keep up with dynamic MAC address ,,,
I have a TA 1050. Received it earlier

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Alass then we are getting pie it cud be a surprise !!
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