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Difference between Nokia 7+ models TA-1046 and TA-1062

I am going to buy a Nokia 7 Plus phone, but I could not find a reliable source pointing out the differences between models TA-1046 and TA-1062.

I searched in this forum and at Google, but , I could not find the information that I need.

My questions are below:

1) Are there hardware differences between models TA-1046 and TA-1062? 
(supported 4G bands difference?supported 3G/2G bands difference?any other hardware difference?)

2) I could not find a seller for model TA-1046. I have been searching for months where to buy model TA-1046, but I could not find a place to buy model TA-1046.
Does someone know where I can buy model TA-1046?

3) I could only find sellers to buy model TA-1062, How do I make sure that the seller model is build "“00WW”"?
According to link bellow, It seems that only the build “00WW”" is the Android One version, right?

Therefore, I would like to make sure that I am buying build "“00WW”".
Does someone know whether is possible to check in advance which build model TA-1062 has installed?
Where can I buy model TA-1062 that has build "“00WW”" installed?

4) I am also confused regarding which model is the international one.
Because lots of reviews describes that model TA-1046 is the international model, and that it is the Android One model as well.
I also found out that the majority of sellers advertise that model TA-1062 is the international one also.
Does someone know which version is the international one?TA-1062 or TA-1046?

Please, may someone help me?

I appreciate any help you can give me

Please, may someone help me?

I bought from Amazon india, they did provide me TA-1046.

I don't understand what kind of help you are looking for. If you are in china, you can buy the chinese version. If you are not in china you can by the non-chinese version. There are two versions, because ;Google play isn't allowed in china.

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