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Problem 3.5 mm.

Problem with sound after 3.5 mm. It happens that the sound is reduced by itself. It happens when you connect the headset sound at first quiet, but a minute later the volume increases dramatically. Either generally decreases to a minimum sistem ui tuner does not help. This applies to all headphones. But the sound is not bad, I even like it, but the worn out problems spoil everything.
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Hmm ... I've noticed that the jack on nokia 8 is not that good. When i am using it, the headphones jacks jumps from it's place, 1 millimeter. This is enought to make the phone freak out and ... raise the volume over the limit. To check, attach the headphones, and shake the phone a little bit, after, try to push the connector, if it "click", then this is the problem. As for a fix, well, i tried it on two other simillar phones and there is some info online about other similar cases. Anyway, i am more worried about the burnin that started to occur in the past weeks :/
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