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Back panel damaged of sirocco 8

Hello, I have purchased Nokia Sirocco 8 on 21/07/2018 from Flipkart and to my bad luck by accident phone got damaged ( back panel got damaged) , approached customer care and they suggested to visit service centre , service centre personnel suggested that the physical damage is out of warranty even though the phone itself is in warranty and hence need to pay Rs 29000/- towards replacement of mobile as per company policy. I could not understand as to why the company (Nokia) plainly says to pay such an exorbitant amount for a flagship phone of the brand when other brands are able to provide free replacement for flagship model (Samsung s9, apple, et all) within warranty period. I request the company to serious look into this where customers invest major amount in flagship and yet service provided is not at par for flagship. Atleast in some cases company can make exceptions where the problem was reported immediately and a customer gets relief when certain non critical parts need replacement


Even I faced the same issue. Recently purchased Nokia Sirocco and unfortunately display is broken. Visited nokia service centre and they vaguely suggested me to pay INR 25000/- to replace the device(Nokia does not supply hardware to fix the screen) as per Nokia policy 

If Nokia has such policy, its their responsibility to inform customers that phone will be replaced instead of service for any hardware issue at the time of buying. 

Also, company itself should have some policy providing respite to customers who have invested 50K in Flagship / premium phones of the company if in case certain issue arises, many a company are providing such option at time of purchase itself.... atleast company from their end should have a clear policy where physical / liquid damage is ALSO covered in 12 months warranty for one time replacement free of cost, this builds trust and assurance towards company from customers end that GOD forbid if a damage occurs Company is there for one time replacement in warranty period..... I hope some sense prevails in concerned company officials and they take stand highlighting such issues and providing relief to customers such as us being loyal to company for past 14 yrs...

It's been almost a month since I reported my problem, yet no action has been intiated by Nokia in this regard, atleast reply stating that Nokia is least concerned of after sales service..

Phone manufacturers do not cover broken screens. It is in the warrant terms, and not just Nokia warranty terms.

If you buy a car and you smash your windshield, will they replace it under warranty?

Hello der, tanx for reply, however I guess you to be another user or else you would not have spoken with regards to company "as point of view", first things first, it's good that you gave an analogy however u have generalised it to car, now please note the points that I would like to inform 1) here as per my query I am talking of an established brand of mobile, Nokia similarly if you consider any comparable brand in cars say Honda Chevy or ford then please be informed that when a user purchases premium (costliest offering albeit Nokia ) car in these brands then company does provide many incentives to retain customers such as free insurance or free service for some stipulated time. 2) Most of the car manufacturers does provide spares for their equipment in case of replacement required case in point even windshield but Nokia for premium flagship Sirocco not yet. 3) Even if somebody willingly damages their windshield the company would not ask customer to replace car by asking to pay further 60% value of the car, but here Nokia is asking to do so. So my simple request is that when a customer purchases particular brand and that too flagship / costliest offering till date then company has some responsibility towards customer.
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