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Nokia is neglecting 6.1(2018)

No have security updates and other updates like Nokia 7plus. Also Nokia it seems it will make very late to Android P update also. Still we running on July Security patch. Security updates r giving middle of month. Y like making neglect to 6.1 ???

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Security updates come near the end of the month, despite the Nokia 6 etc being them almost right away, near the beginning of the month when we should get them. Also a great many people are still stuck on June or earlier. Nokia had been blaming the carrier with help support, which is wrong. If it isn't, they're claiming the Android One programme is pointless and you might as well but any phone that gets the occasional update. The carrier isn't going to bother approving every update for every phone on the market. They're only interested in phones that have their branding and carrier locked. These are retail units so that's BS.

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 Yes, Nokia 6.1 has some Pros and Cons. But still, it is very little improvement from the Last Year.

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