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Nokia 6 MicroSd Problem

I purchase a Nokia 6 in April 2018 and bought a 128Gb Samsung Micro SD card (which it is supported by Nokia 6).


I started to add or sync 128kb music through Windows Media Player, when finishes most of the music sync or transferred is gone or it will say "file corrupted"!!!!


By the way my music files are not corrupted, because it plays fine on other cell phones and tablets.


I repeated this process many times and I get the same results.


I also did a copy paste from my laptop to my cellphone, same results.


I also remove the MicroSd card and place it directly into the laptop and did a copy paste...all the music files added played fine while it was connected in my laptop, but once I place it to my cellphone, it will disappear or said music file corrupted.


My last choice was to purchase more microSd card 32Gb and another microSd card 128Gb, but I still get the same results with these new ones. By the way all microSD card I bought are originals.


All of them were formatted as instructed .


My last choice was to contact Nokia by chat (no phone available on the support area) and they told me to send the phone over to them to be revise; when it got there they only reset it to original settings, nothing more and they send an email message saying "Returned Unrepaired" ?!?!?!


I try to call Nokia to have a more deep understanding on why it was not repair, but unfortunately they have no phone number to their repair center. I try to get a phone number through their main offices and they said there's no phone available, that's unbelievable!!!!

I join this forum to see if any Nokia moderator helps me; but it seems that I'm not the only customer with that problem most of the Nokias 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 have the same problem I'm having and no moderator from Nokia has responded to all the microSD card claims in the forum.


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