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August security patch - everyone received?

I saw few discussions saying that August security patch had been rolled out. However my phone shows upto date as of now. So has everyone received the patch and my phone has some issues? Or it's slowly rolling out in batches and I'm not the only one who hasn't got update?

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I just updated my phone to August security patch!! I think u should check again update option..

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Well thanks for reply. But did you receive it just now or before 5-6 hours? And secondly still even now my phone doesn't show any update. 
I think I received it just now!! So check for it once again or wait for sometime soon you will also receive it..

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Hope so bro

What region is the August update available in just now? Is it still 8.1 oreo?

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In India Yes it still running Oreo 8.1

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hello plZ some one clarify my doute.... Iam using Nokia 7 plus device in Android p developer preview 4.... but iam in july security patch.......when will the Android p user's get the August security patch update

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Those who are on Android pie dp5 will not get August security patch they will receive the direct update of stable Android pie.

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when we will get stable version of Android p for Nokia 7 plus device
Can't tell you the accurate deadline but we assume it to be early September.

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I have also not received august security patch..and i am using dp4 of android pie..
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