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Delivering apple charger with Nokia 6.1 smartphone ordered through On-line

Dear Reader,

On 14th July 2018, I received delivery of my Nokia 6.1 smartphone ordered online through web-portal vide ----. On receipt of the parcel delivered through courier which was externally intact, I opened it and found that the Phone box seal was broken.

I was a bit surprised and when I put it on charging the phone body gives a mild electric shock. On further visual examination I noticed that the charger supplied is for apple phone and that too an old one.

This discovery of my has shaken my confidence on Nokia since I avoided to place online order on any e-vendor and place order through Nokia's own portal.

After complaining them through their contact mail ID <> to "Nokia Mobile Care" and further followups of about 3 weeks, they refused to take any action on my complaint and on 8th Aug they unilaterally closed my complaint ticket.

Can anyone help me to report this issue to any higher authorities of Nokia and get it resolved ?

Thanks in advance

S K Biswas


Hello user1530818191202  

I’m very sorry to hear that you experienced this unpleasant situation. Unfortunately, this is a peer to peer community and I can’t do much about this in the moment. What I will do is forward this topic to responsible people, I hope they will be able to help you out

Best regards,


P.S. I also edited your post a bit. Please don’t  give any personal information out in the forum. 

Hello Laura,

I am sorry to bother you for a problem I am facing with Nokia Mobile Phone division whic I had posted in my previous post on this forum.

I am oblised that you have forwarded my problem to the concerned person but nobody so far has come for my help. 

It is also not possible to escalate the issue as there are no access to the higher level functionaries in Nokia India. Hence if you could help me to get the mail IDs of the higher level officials who can be apprised about my problem I shall be obliged. 


S K Biswas.

Mumbai, India

I’m very sorry to hear that you experienced this unpleasant situation. But I was also ordered my iPhone through online and they provide me best service, I think you should complain about this. Even you should visit mac customer service center.

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