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Stuck on June security update

Hello forum people! I usually receive my security updates within 20 days of their release but I'm currently stuck on the June update, while others receive the August one. I contacted support and they told me to be patient, with which I have no problem, but I just wanted to ask the users to see if anyone's got a similar problem? Thank you.

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Check your software build if its 2_22A_SP01 you won't get the July or August updates


Check your software build if its 2_22A_SP01 you won't get the July or August updates
Oh it is 2_22A_SP01. Will I get other updates after September and the update to Android P?

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That's a good question if we don't get the August update by the end of August then I would say no, I hope I'm wrong

just received the google security patch 2018-08 on my Nokia 6.1 TA-1050 UK. 

@usermike360 what build are you on 22A or 22E

@user1531487969843 my phone build is 22E_SP02

@mike360 thanks for letting me know your build number mine is a ta-1050 on build 22A and it's looks like Nokia are going to miss giving updates to this phone and build, thanks again for letting me know
@user1531487969843 Did Nokia/hmd really say they won't? Why? Which thread? Does this mean they will not update these 6.1 variants? That would be a breach of Android One contract.
@eddman no they didn't say but with all the trouble ppl are having getting the updates for models on the 22A build I have just been onto Nokia care and they said the updates depends on 1)your country 2)your provider 3)your manufacturing model. Well seeing as the model I have a ta-1050(UK version) and is sim free and unlocked that's means I should get the updates as soon as they are released I have not heard of any other ppl here in the UK with the 22A_SP01 build getting the August update
I see that the answer by user*43 has been marked as the correct answer, but there is absolutely no basis for that. I too am on the 2.22A build with the June update. This is even more of an issue since this update drastically reduced the volume of my calls. I'm desparate to find out if the update will fix this before sending the phone for an rma. Very annoying that within the android one program there is still a difference in update approach.
Hopefully Nokia/HMD will be able to give us the August or September update and skip the July one, if there's a problem with that. Maybe even the Android P update if we're lucky? The rumours say we should get it this month or the next ("we" meaning Nokia users).

To make it more confusing, this morning I received the August update on my Nokia 6.1 AND my wife received the update on her Samsung A5(2016). About the same time. Same cell provider. Looks like the provider "opened the update-gate".  

@maxh aren't you on the 22E build that's what I cannot understand why they update for one version and not the other unless there is a serious hardware/software problem with ta-1050/22A_SP01

if your having trouble getting the update try this below... i did that and i received June and July updates. 

Phone - Nokia 6.1 from Carphone Warehouse UK, Sim Free with Vodafone sim. Was stuck on May 2018 patch level.

(I downloaded VPN Melon)
Popped Sim out, factory reset with sim out. Didn't restore device from previous google backup, logged into my google account. Jumped to Play Store, disabled any automatic update/download of any app. Immediately downloaded VPN Melon, connected to USA. Went to settings / check for update. Installed update (June 2018) 

Update required phone reboot. Rebooted. Immediately went to Play store, stopped any auto update. Went to VPN Melon, connected to USA. Went to settings, check for update. Installed update (July 2018).

Rebooted ... did same as above. No update available (you may get the august update). Factory reset phone, pushed in sim card when it rebooted, restored google account from previous backup, all good.

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