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Operator video calling issue

I am facing issue with operator video calling.If i reset my device to factory setting i gets the operator calling facility till i restart my device.before restarting operator calls goes goes fine if i restart and call the same device and number the facility missing if the other device tries to calls gets error the other device doesnot support video call.I had already contact nokia custumer care I got an intresting rey from them the reply was "GOOGLE HAS STOPPED THAT SERVICE" in all otherAnroid devices works fine i dont know where to report this issue i reported my times but no response from anywhere.In setting there is option operator video calling and its enabled but nokia care says its stoped by google i had send them screenshot even after they sayig the operator. If i insert sim in another device i gets that feature then why should i blame operator.lf anybody has any idea please help me.I also send mail to hmd global but no use.before sending pic update pls resolve the issue with older version please as i had paid full money nobody has given discount...

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