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Fixing updates

Hi all, I don't know why but it looks like this mobile has been abandoned just to security updates. I'm a bit disappointed as it has multiple bugs (multi window opening when unlocking with fingerprint, scrolling in chrome and other apps that gets stuck or laggy, volte enabling, heating problems & much more) but apparently they keep just the promise of security patches and are not working a lot on the bug side. This is disappointing because: 1) I have chosen Nokia based on the fact that Nokia has always been a serious company with a customer oriented vision which heard and fixed user's bugs. 2)I paid my phone TA1021 approx 300€ and for that I expect to be serviced and followed by Nokia. 3)The phone is great, but these bugs not being fixed at all makes it pointless to be bought. Please Nokia, put your hands on this mobile and fix these things once for all. Thanks

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No answer at all?

That's what you get for using Nokia. You're just stuck with those bugs. Nobody cares. Customer support doesn't exist.

Honestly, After I wrote them they are now following my case, already got 2 emails and they are taking more details.. I understood you need to write them, not here. Here is just for users to help each other on small stuff that can be suggested to fix. We need to report bugs directly to Nokia. I leave the link, the more you do the more they will follow.
I've tried so many places to write to them. Through support page that you linked all I got was "Sorry that you're experiencing this. This conversation will be sent to developer team" (earliest time I got this was like 4 months ago and I've contacted them few more times, similar outcome). No follow-up, no fix.
Well I believe if they get 3 or 4 emails regarding a bug they won't do nothing. That's why we need to send loads for each bug.

Well.. I believe I sent more than that myself :D The problem with my bug is that HMD thinks they fixed it. But for me it's still going strong.

What is it about?

It's on the other device (Nokia 5). Apps close in the background as soon as other app is opened (like switching between 3 apps - there can only be open 2 apps, third one is closed, no matter how light on RAM they are). At one point a single app in the background couldn't even exist :D But they 'fixed' that.

The only fix I found is rolling back to Android 7.1.1 with which I'm staying now. But security is low now, no Oreo privileges/functionality and so on.. 

Sorry mate, don't know how to help. Though I will keep this updated to see if there's any feedback. I have reported the most urgent bugs we have actually on this phone, which have been reported several times..
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