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Bluetooth Audio quality bad.

Audio quality via Bluetooth is bad(works but bad), even if my headphones are Qualcomm Apx capable, Bluetooth settings in developer settings are stuck to predefined options. Now what you can do to help me 1.) Go to developer options 2.) Try to change/manipulate Bluetooth options(you don't need a Bluetooth headset to try this) 3.) If your settings are also stuck to predefined settings/ not changing. 4.) Upvote and agree to this bug. Device: Nokia 7 plus, TA-1046
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*You actually need a Bluetooth headset to test it as without them the options changes but as soon as you connect a headset all Settings gets stuck to a particular value, Codecs gets stuck to SBC even though my headset has Qualcomm Aptx supported(tested on other devices).
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