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Battery draining

After updating to August security patch my battery is draining even faster than July patch I don't know why Nokia is not responding I mean I have seen too many complaints regarding battery backup

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Why you guys always having something to complain about? I don't have any issues with battery life from day i bought, btw how come security patch effects battery life? How much SOT you usually get?
If u don't have it doesn't mean there's no issues Well I am just sharing my problem On a single full charge I am getting only 3 to 4 hours of SOT with moderate usage without gaming and all

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@user1530221000228 thanks for your wonderful explanation....people need to understand it is a platform for sharing their problems having with NOKIA 7 plus...... and exchange their views..... if you don't like it....leave or keep quiet..... btw @user1530221000228 what about august patch update for Pie DP5 users?

Hello sir, instead of appreciation please give him a proper fix nobody asked for community rules that everybody knows, try him to help by saying something useful instead of asking unnecessary questions that not related to him, he's not even in DP. @user1530221000228 if you getting less SOT see what's causing drain in app usage, disable background activity of apps that are not useful, uninstall clone app or 360 or app lock apps they slowly drain battery afik. I usually get 4/5 with gaming pubg 1/2½ hrs without gaming it'll give full day 7-8/9 hrs of sot.

I too am experiencing worse battery life with August patch. 

Not much worse but still. 

U may share the battery usage & usage by apps list screenshot... that will help to get the scenario.

I'm at85% now, will share SS tomorrow. 

On the last charge Google Play Services was a bit too high up on the list. 

user1525032498131 I am not using DP5 so I can't say anything about that I am still on Oreo 8.1 Well I have heard that August patch is not coming for beta users they will directly get stable pie version along with September patch

@user1525788304826 why are you so bothered about everything? you need need to advise me what to do what not to do? stick to your own business.

@user1530221000228, hi bro.... I have updated my 7 plus to beta 4 ( dp5 ) but faced an issue since yesterday, when anyone is calling me the screen is not lightning...... so rolled back to oreo..with july security patch....  have not yet got August patch

user1525032498131 you will not get August patch you may get September patch next month with stable update of Android pie!

I'm facing the same issue with battery discharging to zero in just 3-4 hrs after august security update

Yeah the battery life is extremely bad ... How do we revert back to previous version??
In my nokia 7 plus i get 5 to 6 hours of screen on time easily i have backlisted some of the apps like Facebook and some more apps i play pubg I have android oreo 8.1 and August security patch
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