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Gps is not working

Gps is not working on nokia 6.1 after updated to August security patch

I have found this little bit time but when i have cleared cache of google as well as google map then actual location has been working now.

 I have exactly the same issue since yesterday evening. I have tried several apps to test, but not will find my position via GPS.

I'm new to the forum. Can somebody tell me if Nokia support is also reading and replying in this forum?

They are if your phone ships with the wrong cable....

Otherwise no, we're on our own.

Hi try thw following As mentioned above clear cache of google maps and Google. Also install GPS status app. It can help you see if your sensors are working fine. I had this problem in around may but now my gps is working fine
I have tried 6 apps now and only google maps is working. As Waze user this is a showstopper for me. Hopely a solution is found soon.

 I have contacted Nokia Chat and they solved this issue for me. In the settings revoke all permissions for all apps. After that you need to authorize apps again, but it did solve the issue for me.

Thanks Stelling, that tip worked.  Hopefully it's a permanent fix.  I thought it was odd that I requested Lyft yesterday and the driver pulled up to the apartment building across the street from me.  My GPS seemed to be off by about 20-40 yards.  This happened from May-August updates.

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