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New Security patch update of 100 mb

Hey guys anyone have download the recent update. If downloaded then please tell if it has any problems. Thanks

Oui petit bug sur une certaine application . Je l'ai désinstaller pour l'instant on verra la suite .
Je rectifie mon commentaire . J'ai désinstaller l'application qui bug pour l'instant . Un commentaire a été signalé à Google .
Downloaded & installed yesterday night, so far no problems observed. I noticed that after the update, when the night mode or battery saver is turned on and you open settings you see a notification that battery saver or night mode is on. Never noticed this before.
Thanks for your replies to my query. When we turn on night mode or internet it shows it in the settings from when ihave get my phone and one thing also that it was a security patch update. Lets wait for replies. Otherwise Thanks
No I tried just but it says latest update as still I have July security no sign of August security patch
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