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Security patch

When are we getting August security patch n what new is there in this update as after pie beta version battery drains too much n when we are getting stable version of pie

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Stuck on July patch as well, and I've noticed the same as you. I rolled back after trying the P Beta, and battery is no where near as good as was before.
Please suggest me the way how to roll back as it's very much drains battery
I used the rollback ota option on the developer preview site. It takes you back to 8.1 with July patch. It only works on DP4, there was an issue with DP3 where the ota, once requested, would not arrive. But battery life still seems to be affected anyhow, it's not as good as it was before I tried all this Beta preview stuff
My partners Nokia got the August security update today in the UK but I'm still waiting for it on my Nokia 7 Plus. I thought Android one devices update quicker
Same here. Rolled back from dp4 but now not updating. According to nokia care last night the august patch has not been released yet for the 7 plus.  Honest!!!!! Good phones but they really are poor at sorting update issues.
Actually I'd rather hear that the roll out hasn't started yet than their is an issue with updating my device firmdue due to issues as a result of prior involvement in the Beta Programme. Either way HMD's communication on this front is dismal, truly dismal.
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