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Nokia active wireless headphone BH 501

Which rating charger we can use for charging this Bluetooth headset

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Isn't there a USB port? I suggest any USB charger.

Unfortunately this headset has no any kind of USB-connector. Charging is made with old fashion small DC-plug. BH 501 manual says " The headset is intended for use with the AC-3, AC-4, and DC-4 chargers".

With my BH 501 I'm using AC-4E which is labeled as DC-5V / 890mA.

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So these headsets which require recharging don't come with the charger, or an adaptor? Very strange.

madbilly: sorry i don't remember. I bought mine almost 10 years ago. Do i use original charger or is it from some another Nokia accessorie / phone i can't say. I reckon BH-501 was sold at that time with some specific Nokia phone (5800 Music Express) which used compatible charger for both products.

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Yes that's probably right. Your best chance is to go to a mobile phone repair shop, they'll probably have many chargers you can try until you find the right one.

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