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Not received August security updates

Not received August security updates.

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yest me too 

I'm in the UK on O2 and not received update.
Same on O2 but sim free handset model TA-1055

 TA-1046, SIM free, 3 Ireland - did not received August update.

TA-1055 SIM free, UK. Using an EE or O2 SIM or after full reset, no update.

I have not received updates since May 2018 after purchasing my phone, why is this happening

@user1524456697368 What network are you on?

Probably updates are blocked by your carrier (is known that in UK, EE blocked updates)

You can sideload updates, though.

Plenty of topics on how to do it.

Similar story here:

UK, TA-1055, SIM-free Nokia 7 Plus purchase, GiffGaff (so O2).

Currently on the July update, no sign of August.

Are security updates really limited by the network provider if you're on a SIM-free purchased, non-network tied, phone?  I would have guessed that you would be able to pull security updates if you didn't even have a SIM card in the phone, over wi-fi, in this case, but I don't really know how the delivery system works...

@Trveller72 Thanks for that - hadn't realised any was keeping an archive when they became available.  Details here .

Updated to the August Security Patch, as listed in the link above, by sideloading using adb - all seems well.

Might just take that route in the future ;)

@Ron Heyes i am using Telkom

 Still no update in NZ either. No response from Nokia about it.

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