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Photos going corrupt

I've had an issue with photos not saving to my internal SD which turned out to be a faulty SD card, so I bit the bullet and bought a new 64gb u3 card, everything's been fine until yesterday I realised that all the photos I've taken between getting the card and 4 weeks ago have gone corrupt. Lucky for me my phone auto backs up to Google photos so at least I have a copy (but not the original). Is this a common issue with Nokia 6 (2017)? Is it a simple fix or am I doomed to only have Google photos copies? Any help is greatly appreciated

Tech Wizard

FWIW I've used a 64GB Kingston U3 in both Nokia 6 and 8 without issues.
The card is fresh formatted as media storage in the phone on first use, and files are transferred via USB always. The SD card stays in the phone all the time, to avoid potential issues with computers and card readers.

Did you check the SD card manufacturer's website and the Internet regarding how to spot counterfeit cards claiming to be the particular brand and model you got?
Genuine memory cards break in time too, and can also be defective out of the box. Reputable brand memory cards come with a money-back warranty for 5 to 10 years, typically.
Maybe try a fresh format in the phone and double-check before proceeding?

If you believe the phone is to blame, that is best handled by the official support or at the point of sale.

I hope you get it sorted out.


Tech Wizard

It's not normal for photos to become corrupted. Are you confident the new SD memory card is genuine?
Definitely genuine as I bought it from a reputable retailer so I could makesure it wasn't a dodgy card
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