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Screen Pressure Point

Good morning! Since a few weeks, I have a white dot (brighter dot, especially visible when the screen is white) on the bottom middle of my display, a bit above the fingerprint scanner. After some research I found this (might) is a pressure point on the bottom of the display. Did anyone else had this with their 8? Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks! Jelle

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Can you share some pictures of it?

Whenever i have seen anything like that on an LCD screen it has been caused by hotspot.

Sorry for the late reaction , had a busy week! Here is a picture of the pressure point. Hope someone can give advice! 


 I have noticed mine has the same thing but i have to look very, very hard to see it

Mine also has the same thing .Does anyone know how to fix it

I had never noticed this before, but knowing where to look and looking very carefully while having a completely even white background I can spot the spot on my phone as well. Not something that bothers me even now that I know it's there as in my case it's undetectable in normal use, but I'm curious for any further info as well. 

Same issue :(

I hope someone from the Nokia team will read this thread asap, I (and a few others I see!) want a fix for this! I live in the Netherlands, and there aren't any Nokia Stores here, so can't ask there for help either...
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