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6.1 TA-1050 hotspot drops all connections

In short the hotspot doesn't work.

You can turn it on, set the passphrase and it broadcasts the SSID.

However, no devices (and I've tried a few) can connect to it. It seems that they all fail to receive and IP from the phone and give up. The hotspot notification on the phone shows no sign of any attempted connection.

Nokia 6.1 TA-1050 Android 8.1.0 2018-08 (August) update.

Any ideas how to fix?

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I actually just tried hotspotting last night.  My laptop tethered to my phone perfectly.  Granted I only tried it for a few minutes because I have a low data plan and I didn't want to blow my monthly allotment.  I have a 1045 and am on August patch.

Could it be that your carrier doesn't allow hotspotting?  I think my carrier's policy is that they don't officially support Android hotspotting (they do for iPhone) but if the phone can do it--they don't stop it.  I'm with a carrier without an unlimited plan and they throttle once you reach your paid limit.  Therefore they don't really have to worry about people hotspotting too much on an unlimited plan.

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