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August update

Has the August update been released yet mine is still July I've checked for updates but nothing ???

Same here still on July
I spoke to someone on the chat support she said it varies depending on your network I'm on O2
Same here that's what I was told. I thought the point of Android one though with Nokia 7 Plus was fast updates
The chat support is useless,they don't even know what the company is releasing or not,at least in India,I just chatted with them inquiring August patch for dp4 and they didn't even have a clue that it has been released for stable oreo version already,I don't know how these people recruit the chat support staff ,they are useless technical wise ,no knowledge about their company
Cheap labor. You will get the odd few who look into things for you and are knowledgeable but your very lucky if you speak to the ones who know what they are doing. Final thoughts terrible customer service
It's ridiculous isn't it one of the reasons I chose this phone was because of the regular updates and clean version of Android 
I really fail to understand the DP 2 or 3 I don't remember correctly got the latest patches (ofcourse the jinxed June patch),then why it's not available for dp4 ,I am sure Google will not release 2 different things ,and definitely not for its own line up running developer program such as pixel devices
I got the August SP about a week ago after rollback from Android 9 beta 4. I got the update about half an hour after unregistering from the developer portal.
I'm on the 8.1.0 software
I'm beginning to think Android one is just a name to get people to buy these devices

I got the August update on August 13. As usual every month around 15th i get the new monthly update.

TA-1046 model. I live in Belgium.

I've got model TA-1055
Mine is updated to 8.1.0 ... My advice is not to update yours .. I'm trying to degrade mine since there's lot of heating and battery drain issues .. anyone else facing the same ? Or know how to revert back to previous version ?
Is that after the August sp update ? As that's what I'm enquiring about ? My phone already had 8.1.0 when I purchased it I've not faced any battery issues
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