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Hands free "Out of Range"

My Nokia 6.1 just arrived, I like everything about it, except one thing. When connected to my car BT, the car hands free network connection says "Out of Range", instead of the antenna symbol. I look at my phone and it's full bars. I cannot initiate a call from my hands free but I can receive calls. I can also initiate a call from the phone and works just fine, but defeats the purpose of hands free. My old Lumia 925, wifes S8 and kids iPhone all work as they should. I think it is the network status from the Nokia 6.1 not being properly sent to the car hands free through the BT connection. And since the car thinks there's no network coverage, will not let me initiate a call. Can the BT driver by itself be updated? Any other 6.1 users have this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to send it back for this. Thank you!

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