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Issue to find sim network. Nokia 7 plus is getting problem to find sim can I fix this problem?

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I am also facing same issue. First sim works fine but 2nd sim shows no network most of the times even when i am in full network. Until i reboot or disable and re-enable 2nd sim, i don't get network on 2nd sim. Sim 1: Vodafone VoLTE Sim 2: Airtel VoLTE also device is already updated to Aug 18 security release. This is really annoying issue.

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I am facing tge same problem after the august security sim1(vodafone) doesnot show any 4g network and my sim2(airtel) shows a 4g network but its too slow...........moderator please read these comments and investigate.......inform tge higher authorities.......there might be a problem in the august security patch

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I am also facing the same issue. Please anyone address this issue regarding the sim network.
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