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Feeling cheated

We got our hand on Nokia 6.1 in April,2018 in India. That too cost 17000 for 3gb, 32gb variant.. Now after 5 month nokia launched nokia 6.1 plus aka x6 just for 15999 for 4 gb, 64 gb variant also it have better soc and dual rear camera.... It's totally injustice for nokia 6.1 user.. they should give a fair upgrade option for nokia 6.1 user.

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Yes, I too was seeing this coming, especially after the recent reduction of the Nokia 6.1 price by Rs 1500. When I bought the Nokia 6.1, I did not find any other suitable Android One phone and chose Nokia 6.1 though the price was higher than what I would have liked. Nokia now has an whole array of Android One phones, hence its entire Android One product line would start seeing a reduction of prices because of competition. So the new users would start enjoying reduced prices and the old users would have paid higher prices.

What is the purpose of fair upgrade option? I do not want to spend any more money to buy any upgraded Nokia phone. I will live with the Nokia 6.1 for 2 years or more as long as I continue to get software upgrades. I will start exploring for a new phone only when I have exhausted the life of this phone.

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 Tweeted this almost 5 months ago to @nokiamobile when they released this for China as many tech geeks told it would also be available for rest world. But they replied its for china only. All are cheap business policies. Just bring new sets with new features & forget the past ones. This phone rat race is never ending unless we can upgrade hardwares like desktop. Its going sicker by day to invest on high end phones.

Nokia is doing very wrong .I bought my nokia 6.1 last month and feeling very sad and the company had brought a better phone with less price than Nokia 6.1 I believe the company wont give faster updates from now as they have got a new model.. 

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I too feels very cheated on buying nokia 6.1.I have bought it just 2 months before by paying 19000 and still use a poor quality camera, poor processor in comparison to nokia 6.1 plus and it lags in every aspect as comparison to nokia 6.1 plus whether it is a quality point of view of price point of view. So, nokia doesn't cares for their older customers they are only busy in a competition wars.

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I lost the trust on Nokia
Guys i found out that we are more better than nokia 6.1 plus because we are having zeiss optics which makes are camera best and that's why we are having awesome support on any google camera port and so our price of the mobile more and thats why nokia 6.1 plus is cheap because of the lack of zeiss optics

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But Google camera is not officially supports to Nokia 6.1, its supports for Nokia 7plus !

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Even Google camera app port does not work properly in nokia 6.1.. always crashes... Impossible to take photo with rear camera using it
Google camera port doesn't crash in my nokia 6.1 I use arnova 8.2 an bsg google camera port and also use moment camera This is my main photography device
Can you post the link please?
I have it Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB Guys look difference between Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1Plus. Missing Features in Nokia 6.1 Plus NFC,Hall Sensor,Aluminium 8000 Series,Nokia OZO,Carl Zeiss Lens That's why we paid more money than Nokia 6.1 Plus.But As you Know When Nokia 6.1 Launched at that time we get 10%Cashback On ICICI Credit Card. 10% i.e.1699/-On 16999/-Actual Price 15300 10% i.e.1899/-On 18999/- Actual Price 17100 I haven't it ICICI Credit Card But I have share 1899 cashback with one friend so i got good deal. So Don't think On Price Of Nokia 6.1 Now Nokia 6.1Plus doesn't came with any cashback offer (except flipkart given).
Nokia 6.1 plus has many features missing;
The 6.1 plus has lot more features than the 6.1 tbh. It has a better SoC, better GPU, better battery, taller screen and a dual camera set up. The ZEISS lens we get on the 6.1 doesn't fair any better than the 6.1 plus or the least enough to match the price difference. The only thing the 6.1 plus users will be missing is an aluminium body which heats the hell up when you fast charge but gives you the confidence to drop your phone wherever you like, they're getting a glass back body which doesn't heat up and can be easily protected by a case. The 6.1 plus will in no doubt take priority to push updates as well like the 7 plus as well. All we can do is feel cheated.

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@user1522991117084 Here's the link to the version I am using, doesn't crash and HDR+ processing is also fast I enabled some extra few developper options which I forgot so I'm mentioning them all here camera.use_photos camera.diet_burst camcorder.fastswitch camera:gcam_enabled cameraprogress_overlay camera.enable_hwhdr camera.enable_micro camera.enable_vesper camera.gouda.front camera.gouda_debug_img camera.gouda_sec_img camera.p3 camera.raisr *GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V7-Final.apk* Ko6YsFk5iGy1HawQ-CM-F0Z/view?usp=drivesdk

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