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We need AI powered imaging & experiences.

If nokia 6.1 & 5.1 plus like mid ranges can have this AI powered imaging features, why not upper rangers ??! Please nokia, don't make us feel deprived. The high price should be for high level experiences.

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Guess Nokia for now is very inconsistent about features in it's Products..
anyone get a Huge Camera Update from Play Store i gOt Update and the size of Camera Update is About 247MB

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@user1528784351272 Me too.

True. Nokia 7 Plus also need AI powered camera. This phone SOC Snapdragon 660 itself has inbuilt AI processor and Nokia needs to feed AI compatible applications including camera. We as user paid Nokia for the same trust what we had and I feel we need those features along with this phone. Nokia please provide AI features in Nokia 7 Plus.

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Nokia has provided.....the above mentioned camera features in it's new update .....go to the play store and check for Camera update (size is about 247 MB)
Its some interface tweak.... Horizontal swapping of different modes n support for Google motion thats it. The camera UI is still ugly feels like common nothing unique. But no AI support.

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There is no AI imaging support ... unfortunately.
After the update camera performance is degraded alot. Many user reported this issue in this community. Switching between various modes is now very difficult. For instance you are in Panorama mode and want to switch to time lapse it's like switch each mode to reach time lapse. Earlier it was option which you can select. Also Selfie in bokeh mode is poor now. It's first capture an orange screen before capturing images. I first thought is that shutter speed which has kept slow? It's very slow responding in bokeh mode. No HDR option. Video recording is degraded. Low light image capturing is also poor. Seems update rolled out without comparing previous version. Anyway to rollback to previous version?

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U can do it by uninstalling the update. U can do it by disabling the camera app then enabling it or by simply uninstalling from play store link.
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