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Camera update

Nice camera update by nokia Version - 90.9.1123.20

Are there any improvements?
Not really...... performance still needs some boast Only thing that is improved is that..... The Camera UI is now more convenient to use.....and has face tracking feature (Animoji like but only has one character)..., Motion photos, masks and more But switching between modes takes a bit of time (Seems to like more stable beta version) Check out the Play Store for update ( size = 247MB)......I AM CURRENTLY on Android P beta.... But you should get it too.......

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@Utpal. The update is really worst in Pie Beta. Don't try

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Why is there no flash support for bokeh mode with rear camera

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we don't need that gimmicks, we need image quality improvements like better dinamic range, details, low light brighness, better noise reduction, etc. all of that is better in google camera app, please if you don't know how to do that, copy-paste it from that app

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and sound volume in video recording is too low! unusable

Guys......I know image quality do matter.....the fact that Google camera takes better picture because...... Google uses M.L. and data from the photos uploaded to Google photos......and has better engineers and resources....... Just think about it......S.D. 835 + Google's computational photography = great photo
The features Nokia provided are good...... But image quality needs a lot of work..... Not to mention the blurry photos from that front camera is just aweful
I guess they will focus on image quality for the upcoming Nokia flagship (running on S.D. 845) But for us.....I think they will not give us their best Pretty disappointing
do you understand that it's not about sd835, ai, ml, etc.? it's only software that make big difference, it's only gcam aplication.. it's on this device, this chip, this os.. that gcam app is not evet intended for this device.. that is lame and sad

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so much unused potential
Well... .. that's not how it works........a better Chip is needed for better image processing....... And for your information........the Google camera app is a Pixel exclusive software developed by Google for Pixel devices....... Sure you can install it...... tweak it to work on a device........... but don't expect to take better picture...... Like that of a Pixel

you just don't understand.. nobody talking about pixel device ok? nobody. it's totally out of this league.. stop talking about that, and sd835, and google, and all that stuff.. totally not relevant..

now let's go from the start, hardware is good (it has pixel2 image sensor), nokia need to improve their software processing alot..  if some app out there (this time is gcam) taking better pictures on same device, that is shame, isn't? it's showing nokia how to do software processing

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Sure you can install it...... tweak it to work on a device........... but don't expect to take better picture

but it takes much better picture! and there is no tweaking and stuff, just install and try. I take hundreds of photos and compare them on huge screen, in all conditions..

stock camera is shame in front of this app

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