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New camera update

What can you say about the new camera update? I stop my update midway base on reviews on Playstore. I mainly use Google Camera for taking photos and default camera for videos. We're making a movie using my Nokia 6.1(TA-1043) but I don't want to find out that video recording got bugged in the new update. Rate the new update

i didn't get it for my nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB.
Is there a new update for the Nokia 6.1 camera? what does it all say it has fixed ?What do the reviews say ?
They disable the update base on bad reviews. Here's the link
Quality is massively improved. It doesn't lag everytime I open like it previously used to. I'm guessing it'll also need a camera firmware update via OTA which I presume would come with Pie since the API has been modified for Pie. However, sometimes, a notification appears after you click saying "Processing" for some photos (low light usually or high ISO to be more specific). And it just stays there. You can't access the photo too. And if you force close the camera app, the image is corrupted. But, good to see Nokia finally addressing the issue.

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I have Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB TA-1089.I still not get any update for my camera.Not In Play Store Or Any OTA.
No update for my TA-1043.. Checked play store and the update in system preferences 樂
I got the update on my Nokia 6.1 today . But after the update It's image processing time has increased too much , it should be fixed.
Waiting eagerly hope camera quality is improved :(
Guys, they seem to have pulled the update from Play Store due to the bug (or it was never meant to be released in the first place)

Apparently, the update was only live for a few hours. I updated my TA-1043 from play store. The update was about 250MB. Couples hours later, I could not find the app on play store. Not even in my last updated list. So, I logged in to the play store on my laptop and there it shows that I do not have any compatible device. Here is the link to the app -

Recently my camera got fixed. It is no longer freezing and it saves photos properly. I use the stock app and I do not see it in Google Play but maybe it was updated with latest security update? I have 8.0260.80 version.

Mine is fixed too.  Camera app is 8.0260.80 (no update); got the August security update and that fixed it.  I wonder if not all versions of 6.1 are getting the security updates - I'm not getting any notification for a camera app update at all but it's working already for me.

They pulled out the new updated camera app from play store, because of some bugs, now you can use old one by uninstalling the camera updates
@Appu Mali, the update had massively improved image quality. Photos looked pleasing for the first time and dynamic range had drastically improved. However, they hadn't sorted all the stuff hence, got pulled.
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