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HMD’s CPO today announced that Nokia 7 plus will be the first Nokia phone to receive Android Pie, with the official rollout scheduled for September.

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Which date update Android P
When will the Android 9 coming?? Eagerly waiting for the stable update...
I expect the official rollout somewhere in september. I think between 10 - 20 september with september patch

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Ya same waiting for the update from the day android 9 releases.

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I am waiting for the Pie update. Hope Nokia releases soon.
@Laura What is the status? When will Pie be released?

 Will those who are cuurently running Android Pie Developer Preview get the update at the same time?

Yes or may be earlier i think.

I'd choose more testing instead, if there are still known issue it's better they iron them off instead of releasing buggy versions.

Remember, we have no flashing tools if something goes wrong and core system files crash.

Until, hopefully, they will release a public flashing tool.


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 @omissis agreed on both accounts.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised not to find any "repair" or similar, official tool from Nokia around.

Generally speaking, I think tools like that are essential to have.

It potentially saves time both to OEM and to users. Users could troubleshoot easier using a tool like that, which would in the end benefit Nokia as well.

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I heard a news about Android 9. Again the Android 9 Beta version was released. They told to get these through OTA. But they posted that the Stable version of Android 9 was ahead. When will the stable version come?
Still waiting

Best estimate is by end of next week. 

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